Mila Rose 9 days - Galway newborn photography

Mila Rose 9 days
Such a unique name and family
Soft as rose petals.
Cute, cute, cute....


Molly...love from the first snap

Molly is a real treasure ,24 h with a smile on her face. She was 6 months when she visited my studio with her mum and guess what ?!.... she will show up next week to smash my cake ... :)


1 st birthday - Smash cake - Galway kids family photography

Ruarc totally rocked his 1st birthday Smash Cake photoshoot.
I have to write this again,one of the greatest pleasures of my job is being able to watch ‘my babies’ grow. It’s an amazing experience seeing them change and being able to capture it.
I feel grateful to fate and lucky for what I am doing.
Mo buachaill leanbh is fearr leat.